Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy procedure during which a therapist places basalt heated stones on the body of the client.

 Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy procedure during which a therapist places basalt heated stones on the body of the client.

It’s has a relaxing, soothing effect on the body and helps to loosen tense muscles for deeper penetration and quicker relief.


How Is Hot Stone Massage Administered


Generally the masseuse starts out by instructing the client to lie face down and then begins coating their body with oil so that the basalt stones easily slide down the muscles. The stones are then used to massage the clients back or they are left in a fixed position to relax the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, the masseuse may remove the stones and begin massaging the clients back with his/her hands. If the client wishes, the stones can be placed back on the body and left to sit for a short time. The masseuse may also place smaller heated stones in the client’s palms or between the toes.


Hot Stone Massage as a Treatment

Anyone who experiences muscle tension, frequent chills, or cold feet, can benefit from hot stone massage. The heated stones help the body to relax while providing a warming sensation. With stone massage a masseuse cam work muscles easily without applying too much pressure. Some health conditions that hot stone massage can treat are:

  • Muscle Tension:

Hot stone massage can help decrease muscle tension resulting from stress, anxiety, or muscle strain. The heated stones help tight muscles loosen up, so that the masseuse can easily manipulate soft tissues.


  • Low Back Pain and Aches

There are a lot of massage styles that can be used to relieve stiff joints, pain, and tense muscles. Hot stone massage is excellent for treating lower back pain and aches because it allows for deeper penetration of tissues, allowing the client to feel physically better.

Extreme discomfort and pain during the therapy can be harmful so it’s important to let the masseuse know if the pressure is too much.


  • Poor Circulation

Hot stone massage penetrates deep tissues, allowing blood vessels to open up and improve blood circulation throughout the body. Poor blood circulation can result in fatigue which can lead to tense muscles and excess lactic acid in the muscles. With proper circulation oxygen can flow more easily to the muscles, reducing pain and aches.


  • Anxiety and Stress

Stone massages can provide mental benefits, just like most other forms of massage therapy. It helps the body to relax which can ease the mind, helping to reduce stress and tension. Although hot stone massage cannot substitute psychiatric care, it can help to relive mental problems like anxiety and depression.

While hot stone message is a great way to relax, individuals with diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, or those who are on blood thinning medication, should refrain from therapy. Pregnant women should also wait until after delivery before getting a hot stone massage.