First Massage Appointment Procedure

What to Expect When You Come for a Massage Therapy

(Exact procedures may vary depending on individual circumstances)

You will start your initial massage therapy session by completing health intake and consent forms.

Our health intake form includes questions about your health.  In addition, it contains some other questions such as your primary reason for the visit: therapeutic treatment or relaxation etc.  Please respond to every item appropriately so that we are able to provide an effective and safe treatment while doing our best to accommodate your preferences.

Once it’s finished, you’ll be introduced to your massage therapist who is going to lead you to your massage room.

She or he will ask you any questions relevant to the treatment when going over your intake form.

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The therapist will likely then instructs you on how to place yourself on the massage table, and will leave the room while you undress to your level of comfort. You can relax on a padded table created for stability and comfort and cover yourself with the sheet.

When the therapist comes back, the session will begin. The therapist may ask more questions and perform some physical examination depending on your problems, then discuss with you the treatment plan.

Upon your consent, the actual massage will begin:

During the treatment, only the section of the body being treated is going to be uncovered.  When it is required to change your position, the therapist will always make sure that you remain appropriately covered while you turn over. If you are uneasy with any aspect of the procedure, please notify him/her right away.

The massage is carried out with specialized massage lotions or light oils that are great for your skin and absorb easily.  The massage therapist will start by stroking your body with slow, even strokes. She or he will check with you if the amount of pressure is to your own preference. Keep in mind, the more feedback that you provide, the better the massage will be for yourself. A typical one-hour entire body massage covers the neck, back, arms, legs, face, upper chest and scalp.

Depending on your health issues or preference, massage strokes might be applied over your abdomen or gluteus areas.

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You may communicate your own preferences with the massage therapist. In case you have any delicate or ticklish areas that you would like to be avoided, inform the therapist. Soon after your massage is completed, you will be offered privacy as you dress.

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 What should I anticipate afterward?

After having a treatment, you may find yourself very calm and a bit tired. You may also experience freedom from pains and aches which have accumulated over weeks and months through tension or repeated activities. Soon after an initial period of experiencing slowed down, clients normally experience a rise in energy that could last for a few days.